Jenga: Space Invaders Collector's Edition

475,00 kr
Inkl. moms

A Space Invaders-themed Jenga set with a new type of game play. As you remove blocks you're also trying to move your Invader down the tower, so you can kill the puny humans.

Antal spelare: 2 - 8 pers
Spel tid: 20 min
Rekommenderad ålder: 6 +


The classic Jenga tower has transformed into the iconic Space Invaders video screen. Start with your invader at the tower top and initiate your quest to descend the tower and take over the humans while players simultaneously remove blocks! The Space Invaders spinner determines the speed of your descent – but beware – you may be forced back up! First player to reach the bottom, or is closest to the planet surface when the tower falls, wins. Game over!

Game comes complete with 54 Space Invader hard wood Jenga blocks featuring iconic alien icons, 4 Space Invader playing pieces, 1 Space Invaders spinner, classic and custom rules for Space Invaders Jenga and loading tray for assembly.

Ages 6+
1 or more players